The Mosaic on Main Art Walk (Art Walk) is a monthly recurring event in Downtown Alhambra featuring local artists and musicians. The Art Walk takes place at the centrally located Renaissance Plaza in Downtown Alhambra.

The Art Walk is a free event put on by the Downtown Alhambra Business Association (DABA). This event is our way of giving back to the rich culture of Alhambra, and the San Gabriel Valley. Inspired by other art walks hosted throughout the Los Angeles area, we try to be different by offering an absolutely free showcasing opportunity to local artists.

The Art Walk takes place every first Friday of the month at the centrally located Renaissance Plaza in Downtown Alhambra. These events go from 5-8 pm, and are open to the general public. Admission is free and it is a family friendly event.

Ernesto Pinero, Owner of Menchie's noticed a void in local art expos. He presented the idea of starting a local art event to help bolster the growth of art and culture within Alhambra. Taking his cues, DABA decided to put his plan into motion. We started May 4th with our first Art Walk and we aim to continue to showcase local talent in a mutualistic atmosphere.

Local artists have included: The Academy of Special Dreams, Mark Nelson, Joy Alumit, Varinya Nunez, Kyoko Cole, Nico Photos, Aurora Filipescu, Sydney Miyatake, Linda Naccarato, Scott Schnier, Kenneth Murray, Ian Dale, Jaqueline Kyoda, Gabriel Mejia, Carbol Fusion, and The 454's.

Downtown Alhambra Business Association (DABA): DABA is a non-profit organization comprised of local businesses in the Downtown area. Our mission is to promote individual businesses, and the entire area, making Downtown Alhambra a better place to do business. Through events like the Mosaic on Main Art Walk, we hope to increase interaction between commerce and the customer by offering a fun, family-friendly environment.