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Sas Christian <BR> THE STAR
Patrick Deignan aka Star27
Patrick Deignan aka Star27

The Lowbrow Tarot Project which took place at La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles, CA, in October 2010 will honor it's two year anniversary with the release of the long awaited collectors book and deck.

This October 2012, get ready for the release of the "Lowbrow Tarot Deck", and "Lowbrow Tarot Art Book: An Artistic Collaborative Effort in Honor of Tarot".

Both items can be purchased separately, or together -- so you can mix and match! Please find below information about the project, pricing for both the book and deck, and pictures of the cover images of both projects. Inside sneak peek soon.

Brian Viveros
Brian Viveros
PreOrders Start: Sep 1, 2012, Release Date: Oct 28th, 2012