21st century Fusionartist, Lorna Jeanine Paquin, illustrates and tells the story of her artistic journey over six decades. As a natural artist beginning at 4 years old with simple sketches, this book shows how her works progressed and lead her to embrace the Fusionart style and movement today. 75 paintings are included to show the reader how an artist develops their true art form over time.

As a student of Fusionart with Master Fusionartist, Rassouli since 2006, I have found my true art form. Although I painted classical all my life, I have morphed into a Fusionartist, painting with spirit through the expression of energy and feelings. Fusionart is an art movement founded by Rassouli to promote and develop the power of creativity that lives within every person that is always ready to be expressed. Monthly workshops continue to inspire old and new Fusionartists in Encino, CA. A new Fusionart coffee table book by Rassouli featuring 30 Fusionartists is also set to be released this year. For info go to fusionartinternational.com I wrote this book based on my personal journey of seeking my dream of art that led me to Fusionart.

It shows the many phases of art study throughout my life and how my soul took me to these places. I began with a scrapbook for my two grandsons motivated by the sudden loss of my soulmate. I realized he had no warning to prepare any sort of legacy for his grandchildren where they could get a glimpse into his hopes and dreams and his passion in life. I would have loved to know more than facts and dates about my grandparents. I wanted them to know this side of me in hopes to inspire their journey as well.

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