Thinking inside the box

In 1976 weekend gardener Mel Bartholomew came to the conclusion that single-row gardening made about as much sense as plowing his backyard by mule.

And so he broke from tradition.

He condensed his garden into a 4-by-4-foot box of four squares, planted four plants per square foot, amended the soil and bingo - the square foot gardening method was born.

Learn how it's done in "All New Square Foot Gardening, Second Edition: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More in Less Space."

The book is available for $24.99 in paperback from Cool Springs Press.

Homespun home

Bring hand-knit patterns to the walls, to the floor and everywhere between in Ruth Cross' "Knits at Home: Rustic Designs for the Modern Nest."

The book walks through patterns for creating throws to fitted covers, wall hangings to rugs, and offers techniques on how to design original home decor.

Find the book for $24.95 in paperback from Interweave Press, on Tuesday.