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Updated: March 17, 2014 3:55:20 PM PDT
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A Fantastic Journey Imagine yourself flying across a mysterious unknown territory as an eagle. Look at details with an eagle's eye and don't try to figure out things. Click below and let forms, colors and music bewilder you across.   Read More...
AP Photo/Capitol Records Nashville
Interesting mix of new releases out this week - Blake Shelton, the adult, shines on new LP ... Lady Antebellum regains altitude on '747' ... Prince seeks relevance in double release ... Robin Gibb shines on final album ...   Read More...
A man steps into a cab. Little does he know that his driver, an ex-con with bad grammar, is actually NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon in disguise.   Read More...
Our movie guys, Rob Lowman and Bob Strauss, went to see the highly anticipated "Gone Girl." Lowman had read Gillian Flynn's best-selling source novel beforehand; Strauss encountered the story for the first time on screen.   Read More...
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