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Updated: March 17, 2014 3:55:20 PM PDT
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AP Photo/Warner Bros. Pictures, Jessica Miglio
"This is Where I Leave You" is a big, broad dysfunctional family comedy, sort of a "Parenthood" pushed into R-rated "Adulthood" territory. Jonathan Tropper has turned his novel into a script that becomes the quintessential Shawn "Date Night"/"The Internship" Levy comedy - funny, occasionally touching, sometimes grating, always obvious.   Read More...
Photo by Norma Meyer
"It's a nice feeling to know so many people still want to come and see this old Jew on stage." - Jerry Lewis -- We didn't really think the King of Comedy would go gently into the night, did we? That the Nutty Professor would just fade away after 83 years of making us laugh? Forget it. This is Jerry Lewis we're talking about.   Read More...
A lot of actresses wanted the title role of "Gone Girl" (Oct. 3), David Fincher's anticipated adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel, but Rosamund Pike got the job.   Read More...
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I grew up listening to The Beatles. In that respect I consider myself lucky because there's a lot of crappy music that made it onto the airwaves over the years.   Read More...
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