Mr... Steely... Dan... Whatever... closes a four night run at the Gibson Amphitheatre after performing full-album sets of Aja, Gaucho and The Royal Scam over the past few days. For the final night, the boys in the band harnessed the opinions of the opinionated for a 'You Vote Online, We Play It Live' model of musical satisfaction called 'Takin' It To The Seats' (Internet Request Night). stepped out to love on Aja last week and were pleased to find Walter Becker and Donald Fagen sounding more like they were appeasing a house party and less like they were congratulating themselves. The Aja set began with such a lack of ceremony, in fact, that it felt quite intimate and made me wonder how all these people who looked like my parents got into my house while I was trying to listen to a record. Oh right, we're live.

Becker continues to play mostly in shadow while Fagan sways and croaks from behind the keys before prancing around with his indie idolized Melodica. And although they're gracious, Mister Magnificent One is not playing for your approval. In fact, they probably don't even like you. But it hardly seems to matter. Revered by fans, touchstones for critics and musical geniuses of the jazzy kind, the enduring duo speak to generations of the irritably curious.

Winding down their '09 Left Bank Holiday & Rent Party, the Dan take off tomorrow with their wicked touring band in tow: three soulful singers who move in unison like a family of pretty dolphins, a mini brass section, guitars galore, an absolute beast of a drummer, and select guest-star action from the magically fingerlicious Larry Carlton.  Get to Vegas for a their gig on the 28th.

Aug 21 - Los Angeles CA - Gibson Amp. | Aja (Plus)
Aug 22 - Los Angeles CA - Gibson Amp. | Gaucho (Plus)
Aug 24 - Los Angeles CA - Gibson Amp. | The Royal Scam (Plus)
Aug 25 - Los Angeles CA - Gibson Amp. | Internet Request