Jenna Elfman's soon-to-be-born baby may never be the same, after hearing so many filthy jokes and f-bombs through the placental wall on Saturday night! The lewd and crude had a field day at the International Myeloma Foundation's 3rd Annual Comedy Celebration ( held once again at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre and Club.

Held each year to remember actor Peter Boyle, who succumbed to that incurable cancer back in 2006, the raucous party always draws a crowd of the world's funniest - and filthiest - people to help raise money for the cause. Ray Romano hosts, and the rest of Boyle's compatriots from "Everybody Loves Raymond" join in for the fun. This year Jimmy Kimmel showed up, too, and co-hosted along with Ray.

It starts out pretty sedately, as well-dressed partygoers sip cocktails and check out the silent auction set up in the maze of rooms at the Ebell. Doris Roberts hung out in one corner, Paul Dooley and his wife Winnie Holzman of "Wicked" fame in another, while Blythe Danner limped around on her broken foot and greeted ├╝ber-agent Steve Weiss, who unfortunately has contracted the deadly disease. He and his wife Amy were co-chairs of the event this year, along with Boyle's widow Lorraine.

Actress Alex Meneses chatted up ex-Matchbox Twenty singer Adam Gaynor; Howard Hesseman, Allison Sweeney, Maggie Wheeler, and handsome Omari Hardwick, were in the house, too; and tons of famous musicians were all over the place, including Eagles' legend Joe Walsh, musical genius Jeff Lynne of ELO and Traveling Wilburys fame, and the big man, Meat Loaf.
jack black at myeloma comedy benefit
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But it was Tenacious D that brought down the house, once the festivities moved into the theater itself. After a series of seriously filthy comedy sets from Bob Saget, Brad Garrett, and even Romano, who shouted out to his wife Anna that he was about to talk about their sex lives, saying, "go cry about it on a big bag of money!" Jason Alexander went all out with a Broadway musical medley, and Fred Willard did a slightly scary Elvis-as-a-comedian set, right down to the white jumpsuit.

Some of the crass comedy drove out the faint hearted, but most of us were laughing too hard to be offended; then the biggest joke of the night came as Romano actually warned the fancypants crowd that Tenacious D's coming performance was filled with obscenity - and fire. Like all the others that came before were not obscene? Take Brad Garrett's joke about his divorce, for example.

"That's why a woman's vagina is shaped the way it is, you can just swipe it with a credit card and give her all your money!"

And Tenacious D's Jack Black and Kyle Gass did not disappoint with their hilarious dirty-song set; there was plenty of fire, and Black's rendition of the band's classic "Fuck Her Gently" was worth the price of the ticket alone.

And how do you top a night so dirty that the children had to be left at home? With a chocolate fountain and champagne, naturally. But sadly, no one stripped down and used the chocolate in a naughty way, but maybe next year.