Strap into the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed and lock your lids on the Zenith -- it's time for a tour down MTV lane. In honor of Ken Ober, presents a video marathon of 'Remote Control' footage, and links to alarming archives that appear to document the onset of widespread slackerdom.

Dry, affable and very funny, Ober helped launch the careers of Adam Sandler, Denis Leary, Colin Quinn and Kari Wuhrer as the pre-Wayne's World, basement-command host of 'Remote Control.'

For five seasons categories like Brady Physics, Race The Rabbi, Fairy Pixie Corner, Dead or Canadian?, Sing Along With Colin and other relevant ridiculousness showcased painful comedy and awarded pop culture waistoids with totally 80s prizes.

Thank you Mr. Ober for our first look at grown humans getting paid to indulge in pop culture nonsense.  A thousand times, thank you.

And that sound means it's time for the big Snack Break in the sky. RIP.

Remote Control (MTV News)

Remote Control (1989)
Full Episode - 1 of 2

Full Episode - 2 of 2

Remote Control (Zak Penn w/commercials)
Full Episode - 1 of 3

Full Episode - 2 of 3

Full Episode - 3 of 3

Remote Control (Hey Hey Hey... Goodbye)