A Burbank artist who transformed an empty concrete wall into a giant abstract mural made of old CD’s, keys and discarded jewelry pieces will unveil her artwork on Saturday. 

Renee Howard, who has worked on her mural at Ranchito Avenue and Vanowen Street for the last six months using a half-ton of recycled materials, will present her 7-foot high and 27-foot-long artwork to the public.

“I like the idea of using recycled materials, trash and castoffs to create something beautiful,” Howard said. “It’s inventing something from nothing.” 


The idea of composing a mural out of recycled materials has been around for a while, Howard said. She has created several similar works for residents in Van Nuys and Burbank.   

Dreaming of creating a mural for the public instead of someone’s backyard, Howard put a request on her Facebook page several months ago asking if anyone owned a property with a wall and if they would give her permission to use it as her canvas.

A Valley homeowner said yes.

Since then, Howard, who has a full-time job managing a Bobby Ball Agency in Burbank and runs her own small business, worked on the mural every Saturday morning.


As the wall began to take shape, some residents began bringing things to blend into the mural, making it “a labor of love,” Howard said. 

The artist, who found materials for her work at local thrift stores and garage sales, said she has never looked for specific shapes or colors, but tried to create an artwork out of available materials. Howard’s mural will be unveiled at 11 a.m. on Saturday at Ranchito Avenue and Vanowen Street. The event will include mariachi entertainers, refreshments and the OMG LALA taco food truck.