Dark Side Of The Rainbow, Part 1

Your real-life, laser show dreams are coming true!! Roger Waters is headlining night three of Coachella, and he’s recreating his 1973 Pink Floyd, rainbow-prism masterwork, The Dark Side of the Moon.

In honor of this generation-gap news, please enjoy another great moment in incongruent pairings -- The Dark Side of the Rainbow. If you’re into nostalgia and/or creepy synchronicities and/or dope, you can try this at home for yourself. Just remember that conventional wisdom requires you to cue up track 1 and un-pause at the 3rd lion’s roar.


Stoner Nerd Tip of the Day: If you don’t want your mellow harshed by altered track times and PAL transfer rates, make sure you’re working with a b/w MGM lion and a 1994 Dark Side reissue. If Mervyn LeRoy's credit appears with the first swell of music, you have the sync. 

Am I blowing your mind?