Visiting Safari Sam's is like seeing Nic Harcourt's morning show come to life. One night, it's cabaret dancers, plate spinners and fire eaters. Another night, it's ear-popping punk blasted at 4,000 kilowatts. Mixing performance art, vaudeville theatrics, academic lectures and a musical lineup seemingly ripped from music producer Rick Rubin's iPod might seem like a recipe for chaos, but booking agent and former child actor Patrick Llewellyn somehow manages to juggle these eclectic elements with as much pizzazz as the circus performer working the crowd. Upstairs, indie-lectuals dine, enjoy works by local artists and check out books under—we kid you not—the honor system. The late-night-fare food is actually good, thanks to Cordon Bleu chef Michael Wynsen. Since the spot doubles as a restaurant, almost all of the shows are all-ages. LA art scene one; OC zero. —Jon Sattler

Address: 5214 Sunset Blvd.
Cross Street: N. Kingsley Drive
Phone: (323) 666-7267
Phone: (323) 666-7267
Hours: Daily 7pm-2am
Parking: Free lot
Tip: SUnless otherwise announced on their website, all nights are open to all ages.


Contact Info: Patrick, talent booker (310) 430-5510 Sam Lanni, owner 323-573-9615