You've gotta love living & lushing in L.A. after seeing what the city has to offer on any given Tuesday night: free foosball at Cha Cha, live jazz at Green Door, and your choice to karaoke with either celebs at Guy's, or porn stars at Sardo's.

Please note: Promoters are sometimes flaky and cancel events at the last minute, or take a week off, or disappear without warning. Clubbers are advised to call the venue before heading out.
  1. Beige at Falcon

    Get swanky with it at this long-running, upscale gay night for boys who like boys who clean up nicely.
  2. Pint Night at Harry O's

    Sports fans take note: The Lakers' Kwame Brown and the Kings' Jeremy Roenick and George Parros are among the big-time athletes to let loose at this fun-for-everyone spot by the beach. Email Ryan Silver at or call (323) 957-0182 to get on the list.
  3. Girls Night Out Presents Mixtape at Bigfoot Lodge

    DJ's Miss Mann and Gnat spin a mix of noise rock, psychedelia, and jangle pop while the ladies swig $3 "pink drinksâ ? and $3 draft beers.