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Living Homes' pre-fabricated, two-bedroom home on display in Long Beach.

Pre-fab homes get a bad rap. Images of planned communities on the outskirts of Palmdale come to mind.

Leave it to a collaboration between architecture firm KieranTimberlake and sustainable living juggernaut Living Homes to provide modular dwellings with a double dose of chic and green consciousness.

Called the Kohler LivingHome, the two-bedroom structure is currently cooling its heels in the plaza in front of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center.

Open to the public all next week, the home came to the LBC as part of the famed TED conference, where LivingHomes CEO, Steve Glenn was a speaker. The two-bedroom structure is a blend of modern design and even more "green" ideas.

Living Homes’ Pre-fab
Living Homes' pre-fabricated, two-bedroom home on display in Long Beach.

Every aspect of the home has had its own carbon imprint up for evaluation. Everything has been recycled. Solar panel energy is readily available. Even the water in the bathrooms doesn't heat up until you enter. And since the construction of this and other of LivingHome structures occurs off site, the waste factor is greatly diminished.

That's all well and good, but this is LA and we have our own priorities. Is it cute? It's more than cute; it's chic.

The lines are exquisite. The paneling is subdued. The care that was brought to making sure the whole house is "green" (there's even a Prius-esque energy gauge in the kitchen) was also brought to the interior design by Los Angeles-based interior Designer Kristin Kilmer.


Using only local artists, recycled glass and wine soaked wood become vases and shelving units. Throughout the entire space is a sense of light and air, and the whole structure is just begging to be in Palm Springs. Now, if only we had $500,000.00.

Kohler LivingHome

Long Beach Performing Arts Center Plaza

300 E. Ocean Blvd.

Long Beach, 90802

February 8 -- February 21