Looking to get out on a Saturday morning and try something new?  Spend your precious time fletching instead of wretching with a bow & arrow rise and shine!

The Southern California Archery Association offers FREE lessons and FREE use of their equipment every Saturday at 11AM at various archery ranges across LA.

Don't worry, this isn't your high school gym class. The instructors at Rancho Park are helpful and patient and you'll get a lot of one-on-one time with them. Their main goal: to spread some archery love around the city of Los Angeles.

As a student, you'll start by learning how to safely use the bow, and the ins-and-outs of the range. Within an hour you'll be knocking back arrows and letting them fly like a pro... OK, maybe not like a pro, but you'll have taken your first step to becoming Olympics material. Once you take the first class, you are free to come back and practice at the range whenever it's open.


So whether you're trying to impress your Lord of the Ring obsessed friends, aiming to be more like Robin Hood, or just looking to learn a new sport, get down to the range this Saturday. Just try to avoid wearing green tights and a feather plumed hat.

The archery ranges were created for the 1984 Summer Olympics, held here in Los Angeles. It is a very cool thing that they still exist for the residents of our city.


Archery Lessons & Equipment Rental
@ Rancho Park Archery Range

2459 Motor Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

310-839-1516   MAP

11:00 AM on Saturdays
1:30 PM on 2nd Sunday of each month

FREE! (All equipment is provided)