You've probably heard the hubbub about the Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck by now. It's a souped-up roach coach started by some five star restaurateurs in order to bring the citizens of Los Angeles gourmet Asian/Latin fusion food on the cheap. If you haven't tried it yet, it is fully worth the hype and you should really get on it. But first, read our beginner's guide below to ensure that your first Kogi experience is as delightful as possible. 

1. Practice saying kogi. That way when passersby stop to gawk at the line of people and ask you what you're waiting for, you can pronounce it correctly. So that's "ko" like "koala," and a hard "g" as in "great," and then "eeee." It means "meat" in Korean.

2. Bring a friend with an iPhone. OK, oK so it doesn't have to be an iPhone. You just need access to