If singing karaoke for a bar full of irreverent strangers is too much for your embarrassment quota, head to Rosen Music Studio. At this Koreatown favorite you can still wail, but at least your heckling friends are confined to a private room of your own.

When you arrive at the W. 8th St. address, you'll find an unwelcoming facade locked up like Fort Knox. Don't try and get in this way -- those
doors don't open and people will stare at you. The good-times entrance is found around back where you can valet your ride for a few bucks. As you walk in, the place opens up like Aladdin's cave and a friendly staff ushers you to your party.

Rosen has 33 private rooms and depending on the size of your group they can accommodate 5 to 40+ people. There is also a bar, and if you've got the cash your own waiter can be designated to your gang. The rooms are comfortable and clean with padded benches flanking the walls so as to leave maximum space in the middle for crooning and moonwalking. Look to the massive binder on the table for your choice of songs. 2000 of them apparently (and if you've had too many beers it can take a moment to work out the color coded system). There's also an impressive range of languages to choose from. Once your selection is made, grab a mic and sing in front of strobing laser beams and mesmerizing Korean videos that have nothing to do with the scrolling lyrics.

It can take a moment to adjust to karaoke when it's not in a public madhouse. But once you settle in, there's no going back.

Rosen Music Studio
3488 W.8th Street
Los Angeles
CA 90005

Tel:213 387 0467 / 0469
Fax:213 385 4488


Image source: citysearch.net