Batter up, Batter up.  It's the 20th anniversary of Field of Dreams and that means it's time to reconnect with one of America's favorite pastimes. No not Ray Liotta, BASEBALL!

On deck, it's with a roster of not-to-be-missed batting cages! Whether you're a homerun hero or a master shanker, nothing takes away the stress of a day quite like swinging a bat as hard as you can at a round, hurling piece of cow skin. It's time to step up to the plate for some major league fun.

Location, location, location.  Baseball Central is a solid bet for those of you who don't fancy trekking further afield.  It's a decent spot on La Cienega with parking in the back.  But as you'd expect with a central location, you pay for it with a compromise in size.   First of all, it's inside.  The layout is slim and narrow so you don't get a sense of how far you've hit the ball. Assuming you have.  They offer softball (high pitch and slow) and baseball (fast, get your helmet on).  But the big 'oh we're so spoiled' drawback about this place is that it's manually operated.  Which means you have to feed the ball into the machine for your buddy to hit. OMG, you have to do it yourself? Yes, you do. have to pick up the balls.  But the good news is that the staff here really know what they're talking about. They offer private lessons focusing on batting, catching, pitching and/or fielding.  You can also rent out their cages.  So while these guys don't have maximum facilities, they do have maximum knowledge and the know how. 
1858 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles
CA 90035
Tel: 310 559 9782
Everyone loves Castle Park. Why? Well, it's good value--the standard $3 gets you 30 balls, it's got great parking out front, but most of all it's well designed for batting satisfaction.  The cages are outside and are arranged in a circular structure with great visibility.  They slope slightly downwards and you get a great sense of how brilliantly you just hit your ball, and how far it would travel if you were in Yankee Stadium.  You can chose from 40mph or slow pitch softball, all the way up to 80mph.  But enter at your peril. The 80mph cages come with extreme warnings in the vein of "don't try this at home." 
4989 Sepulveda Blvd
Sherman Oaks,CA 91403 
Tel: (818) 905 1321
The Batcade is another favorite.  The hours are great, open 11am-10pm Monday to Friday, 10am-10pm weekends.  The Batcade is outdoors, but the cages are covered so you can hide from the sun or the rain.  They also offer side attractions such as a pool table, a small arcade, table soccer--you know the kind of thing. Rates are average and the vibe is a healthy balance between goofballs just there for the whacking and jocks who want to train.  It can get packed in the evenings, so it's a good idea to make a reservation.
220 N Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91502
Tel:  (818) 842-6455  
Alert! This place is cash only.  But it's OK, considering how cheap it is.  These guys charge $18 per hour, $6 for 15 minutes or you can get a token for 50 cents (no, not the rapper) which gets you 8 balls. It's not flashy and it won't sing and dance for you.  But it has slow and fast pitch softball, and the usual baseball speeds.  They have eight cages and this place is outdoors only.  So in the rain, it ain't happening. 
11723 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90047
Tel: (323) 756-8101
A decent, friendly place to swing your thing in El Segundo. It's all inside and reservations are a must. They have abandoned the dollars for pitches here and charge by time only. 15 minutes is $10, 30 minutes is $17 and an hour will cost you $30. They have a parking lot out the back, but they don't open until 1pm. So all you breakfast batters will have to wait.  The slow pitch here is manual, but the fast baseball pitch is automatic.
430 E Grand Ave
El Segundo, CA 90245
Tel: (310) 322-3955 
This big, spiffy, new facility down in Long Beach offers 17,000 square-feet of  baseball and softball devotion, for the newcomer or the pro.  They offer 10 batting cages, lessons, training, camps, even explosive plyometric training. Yes, that's right, explosive plyometric. What's it mean? We don't know. But it definitely sounds exciting. Their prices are a little up on the competitors, charging $4 for 30 pitches.  On Deck is set up to be a completely interior facility and clearly has pretensions. They even want to kit you out with a uniform. Step up, people. Step up.  

2499 Willow Street
Signal Hill, CA 90755

Tel: (562) 426-HITS (4487)


On Deck Batting Cages