This year marks the 58th anniversary since Elvis Presley stormed onto the popular music scene, gave birth to rock n' roll, and forever changed the world. He may have permanently left this Earth in 1977 (although some will tell you otherwise) after years of deteriorating health brought on by heavy drug use. But Elvis's birthday is still cause for celebration to the millions of devoted fans that still enjoy his music. This Sunday, Echoplex will roll out the red carpet and host their annual Elvis Presley Birthday Bash. There's no Elvis impersonators on this year's line-up, which is doing the King's legacy more of a service if you ask me. But most of the 35 local acts scheduled to perform this year (Lisa Finney, Charlotte, and Big Manny, to name a few) will be playing some of their favorite Elvis tunes for the crowd. Because let's face it, it may have been half a century but "Hound Dog" never gets old. No matter who's singing it. Tickets are 20 bucks, with all money benefiting the L.A. Mission. For more information visit


Just The Facts

What:  Elvis Presley Birthday Bash

Where:  Echoplex; 1154 Glendale Blvd., Glendale

When:  Sunday, January 8th from 4pm to 10pm


Tickets:  $20

Contact:  For more information visit the Echoplex website