The 2012 baseball season is underway, and the Dodgers have been winning… a lot! So what's the reasoning behind the team's best start in decades? Well it could be that some of their new owner's "magic" has rubbed off on the players. Or maybe it's because Dodger Stadium is currently celebrating its golden anniversary. Hey you know what they say, 50 is the new 30 (when referring to baseball stadiums, of course). In its 50 years in existence, Dodger Stadium has hosted eight World Series, the 1980 All Star Game, and has even seen everyone from the Beatles to Michael Jackson perform on its hallowed ground. So since the Dodgers are still winning ball games (let's not jinx it!), you'll definitely want to soak up the history and take in a game. Here's everything you'll need to know before visiting Dodger Stadium. Play ball!



Where is Dodger Stadium located?

Dodger Stadium is located in the Elysian Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, which is sometimes referred to as Chavez Ravine. The official address for Dodger Stadium is 1000 Elysian Park Ave., 90012.


How do I purchase tickets?

When you visit you'll see a box reading "Tickets" on the homepage. Once you click on that you'll be redirected to the Dodgers' official ticket center, which includes information on purchasing tickets for current and upcoming games, season tickets, group tickets, mini-plans, even stadium tours. But wait… there's more!



For individual ticket sales, you can also call 866-DODGERS.


Those wanting to purchase premium tickets for the Dugout Club and Baseline Boxes & Suites can call 323-224-1320, or shoot an email over to


For season tickets and mini plan sales, call 323-224-1471, or email


Former Lakers star Magic Johnson is the new owner of the Dodgers.
Former Lakers star Magic Johnson is the new owner of the Dodgers. (Joe Kohen)

If you want to purchases group tickets of 30 or more, you can also call 323-224-1421, or email


And of course you can always buy your tickets the old fashioned way, also known as the stadium box office. It's usually open an hour-and-a-half prior to game time, and is located at the front entrance.


How do I get there by public transportation?

The famous Dodger Dog.
The famous Dodger Dog.

For many years it was really difficult to get to Dodger Stadium via public transportation. Getting there by car was most likely your safest bet (how L.A. of them!). But that all changed when Metro introduced its Dodger Stadium Express bus service. Now all you have to do is take any one of the Metro buses or trains to Union Station in Downtown. Once there a bus will start picking up Dodger fans 90 minutes before the start of the game. Service to the stadium will continue every 10 minutes prior to the first pitch and will run every half hour throughout the game. And the best part is as long as you have your ticket on you the ride is free! Those without a ticket to the game will have to pay the usual fare of $1.50. Still, a pretty good deal. For more information on this service visit or call 323.GO.METRO 323-466-3876.


How do I get there by car?

Those coming from West Hollywood or Hollywood can take the 101 South and merge onto the 110 North toward Pasadena. Then take Exit 24 toward Dodger Stadium.


If you're coming from South Bay and the beach cities, take the 405 South to the 110 North. Exit 24 will lead you to Dodger Stadium.


Those traveling from Pasadena need to take the 110 South and get off at Exit 24D for Stadium Way. Then simply follow the signs toward the stadium.


If you're coming from the San Fernando Valley, take the 170 South and merge onto the 101 South. You're then going to want to merge onto the 110 North toward Pasadena. Get off at Exit 24, which will then lead you right to Dodger Stadium.


Those coming from Orange County should take the 5 North to the 101 North. Take Exit 3 to merge onto the 110 North toward Pasadena. Exit 24 will then take you right to the stadium.


What's the parking like if I drive?

Dodger Stadium is pretty much surrounded by a giant parking lot so finding a place to park should never be a problem. General parking will cost you $10, while preferred parking is $35. The Dodgers have a pretty detailed website available for any other parking related questions you might have. Just go to


What's the seating situation like?

Given that it is the third oldest ball park in the MLB, Dodger Stadium does offer classic, retro-style stadium seating. So no matter where you sit, you're going to be able to see the game in clear view. Of course, box seats are always the most desirable, seeing that they offer the closest views of the game. But they can get very pricey, and often times need to be reserved several weeks in advance. So it's probably not your best option if you're just looking to spend a fun Sunday afternoon with the family. If that's the case, tickets in the Pavilion section of the stadium will give you the most bang for your buck. Sure you're sitting on bleacher style wooden benches, but for prices starting at $9 they sure offer a much better view than the nosebleed section. The Pavilion is also noted for its all-you-can-eat section, where for $24 you can pretty much devour as many Dodger Dogs, nachos, candy and soda as your little heart desires. So don't forget your appetite.


What kind of food do they serve inside?

Dodger Stadium has plenty of options available as far as concessions go. Aside from Dodger Dogs, popcorn, peanuts, candy, soda, beer, etc., Dodger Stadium also has food available from Canter's Deli and Pink's hot dogs. Prices can get a little steep, and you're probably looking to spend at least $20 to get filled up. That's where the All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion comes in handy. For a measly $24 you can munch on as many hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, soda and water as humanly possible. Everyone knows how expensive baseball stadium concessions can be so the Pavilion special is definitely one of the better deals you're going to find. For more information on the All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion visit here.


Are there any good places to eat around there?

New owners Magic Johnson and company already have big plans in place to build more restaurants, shopping centers, etc. in the area surrounding Dodger Stadium. In the meantime, however, there are still plenty of good restaurants located in the stadium's vicinity. For diner food that's open 24 hours, try the Original Pantry Café located at 877 S. Figueroa St. If Mexican food is what you desire, then Mexicali Taco & Co., located at 702 N. Figueroa St., is always serving up tasty eats. And those just in the mood for a delicious gourmet pizza won't want to pass up Mohawk Bend, located at 2141 W. Sunset Blvd.


For a more detailed list of places to eat, check out the official Guide for Places to Eat Before and After a Dodger Game.


Where can I learn more about Dodger Stadium?

For any other questions you might have about the stadium, please visit its website at