Bestselling Authors, Musicians and Spiritual Leaders Celebrate the Birth of a New Era with Gala Los Angeles Event Culminating the 33-hour Live Global Webcast of Unifying Events from Mexico to Australia

December 4, 2012 (Los Angeles) - The end of the long-count Mayan calendar on December 21st has provoked apocalyptic fears and parodies, as well as a far more positive Birth 2012 movement that aims to turn this marker point into a "birth moment" for a new era of healthier, sustainable global civilization. This movement recognizes that humanity faces many crises and that it is time for us to unify the positive change initiatives required to turn the corner.

As part of the Birth 2012 campaign, many of today's top pioneers, cultural leaders and bestselling authors will join together to link dozens of major events and thousands of smaller gatherings worldwide in a unified vision for a new world. Led by bestselling author Barbara Marx Hubbard, the movement includes Agape's Michael Beckwith & Rickie Byars Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch ("Conversations with God"), Jack Canfield ("Chicken Soup for the Soul"), Lisa Nichols ("The Secret"), Stephen Dinan (CEO-The Shift Network), and more, who will participate in a live celebration on December 22nd Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA. Millions more will connect via synchronized meditations, prayers, and practices worldwide. Major 2012 themed events around the globe will be webcast live during a 33-hour webcast from December 21st to December 22nd. Additionally, leading up to the Birth 2012 Gala , a Three Days of Love Pledge backed by leaders such as Deepak Chopra encourages participants to commit to only actions and words of love from December 20-22.

"BIRTH 2012 is a celebration for the world that helps us build a critical mass of people committed to evolutionary change. Drawing inspiration from visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard and many of today's bestselling pioneers, we aim to co-create a historic turning-point that helps to interconnect the social, spiritual, scientific, and technological breakthroughs that can lead us forward," shares Stephen Dinan, the co-founder of the Birth 2012 initiative and CEO of The Shift Network, which empowers 220,000 members with transformational on-line events, courses, and trainings.

Since the long-awaiting Mayan calendar marks the end of an evolutionary cycle on Dec. 21st, BIRTH 2012 will celebrate and designate "Day One" for a new era on December 22nd. This moment will be celebrated in a live GALA event at Agape International Spiritual Center and include a live global broadcast featuring powerful ceremonies, inspiring talks, music, rituals, meditation, multi-media, and more.

From Dec. 21st to 22nd, BIRTH 2012 will feature 33 hours of live feeds from over forty countries around the world in parallel with live acts locally, culminating with the Gala in LA from 11:30-3:30 pm on Saturday. Viewers will witness events from the pyramids of Mexico to Australia to Brazil as a wave of unity spreads during the program. They will also witness inspiring messages from thought leaders such as don Miguel Ruiz Jean Houston, Lynne Twist, James O'Dea, The Indigenous Grandmothers, and the council of Mayan elders.

Co-sponsors of the Birth 2012 campaign range from Green America to The Peace Alliance and Humanity's Team. Unity churches around the world are participating as are social movements such as EarthDance and Be the Peace.

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