It's late at night and you're feeling famished. So where do you grab a bite in Korea Town? It's a problem man has struggled with for centuries (maybe not that long). Here are a few spots that are serving up delicious eats well into the a.m. hours.



BCD Tofu House: From the pictured order selections on the wall (because who wants to look at a menu at 3 a.m.?), to the friendly wait staff that brings out a hot pot of rice from the moment you take your seat, everything about BCD Tofu House screams efficiency. The seafood and dumpling tofu are always fresh and come in huge portions. But if tofu's a little too sophisticated for your palette, than you can't go wrong with the beef rib and fried fish side dishes. BCD Tofu House is open 24 hours.

869 S. Western Ave., 90005; 213-380-3807


Hite Kwang-Jang: Hite Kwang-Jang is one of the few restaurants in the area serving up traditional Korean cuisine well until the early morning. It can get a little crowded late at night, but the fried chicken wings, kimchi with tofu, and seafood pancakes are definitely worth the wait. And in case you want to keep the party going, they also serve Soju and plenty of ice-cold Hite. After all, what better way to attract late night eaters, then by naming your restaurant after a famous Korean beer.

3839 Wilshire Blvd., 90010; 213-384-7999



Café Jack: If you've ever driven down Western, you've seen this large boat docked in the middle of a parking lot. Although Café Jack looks like a leftover movie prop, it's open until 4 a.m. on the weekends and serves sushi, hot wings, even tempura through most of the night. The prices can be a bit steep (expect to pay around seven bucks for a mango iced tea), but when a boat-shaped restaurant is loaded with photos of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack from Titanic, you pay for the ambiance… and the laughs that come with it.

508 S. Western Ave., 90020; 213-365-8882


The Loft Café: It's more of a coffee shop than a restaurant, but that's not to see that everything on the menu at The Loft Café isn't outstanding. Try the red bean shaved ice, waffle with chocolate ice cream, or any one of their Sweet Lady Jane cakes – all of which are freshly prepared (unlike Starbucks). And if dessert's not your thing, you can keep it simple with a tuna, ham or turkey sandwich on whole wheat. And did I mention they have all types of coffee drinks, like green tea late, chai tea, even good old-fashioned traditional cups of Joe. You know, just in case you need a late night caffeine boost (and who doesn't nowadays). The Loft is open until 1 a.m. six days a week. It closes at midnight on Sundays.

3882 W. 6th St., 90020; 213-383-3006


El Flamin Taco: It may be a taco truck, but El Flamin Taco is always serving up some of the best Mexican food in Korea Town well into the early morning hours. Whether you go with their tacos, or a burrito, you’re sure not to be disappointed. Both are made on the spot using handmade tortillas and only the freshest ingredients. And if you’re a fan of al pastor tacos, than you’ll want to try El Flamin’s. They come perfectly seasoned and with plenty of fresh salsa, cilantro, and onion. In fact, you may never order carne asada tacos again after eating them. Then again, no one’s going to fault you if you do.

505 S. Vermont Ave., 90020; 213-718-1790