Cafe Bleu
Cafe Bleu

Need a list of the best sports bars in Korea Town? Well you've come to the right place.



Frank N' Hanks: Frank N' Hanks has all the staples of a gritty dive, including a wooden bar, beer-stained pool table, and dartboard. It's even rumored that Charles Bukowski used to tip a few here back in his Barfly days. Well drinks and beer will run you about $3 - $5, and when the owner/bartender goes by the name “Snow,” you just know the PBR is always going to be ice cold. They've got a couple flat screen TVs as well (shocker!), that are always tuned to a game. Why else should you hit up Frank N' Hanks? Well, figure this – it's also one of the few dives where you can listen to Thriller-era Michael Jackson for hours on end and never hear a single complaint. Need I say more?

518 S. Western Ave.; 213-383-2087


Beer Belly: We all know Beer Belly is a great place for craft beer, and even better duck fat fries. But what about sports, you ask? Turns out they've got that too. Walk in on a Sunday, and you'd be hard pressed not to find a half dozen jersey-wearing football fans screaming at the TV. On second thought, maybe screaming's the wrong word. It's more like everyday talking, albeit at a really, really high decibel. Yep, that sounds about right.

532 S. Western Ave., 90020; 213-387-2337