Sharkeez in Manhattan Beach
Sharkeez in Manhattan Beach

If you count the weeks long lead-up, the massive consumption of junk food, and the time honored activity of dressing up in your favorite team's colors, the Super Bowl is about as much of a holiday as Halloween. So why should a friend's house be the only place to watch it? Here are some of the best spots in L.A. to watch Super Bowl XLVII. Now may the best Harbaugh win.



Sharkeez: Sharkeez in Manhattan Beach may be the only place in the city that's offering a $20 open bar special on Super Bowl Sunday. Are they crazy to offer such an incredibly low deal on probably the biggest sporting day of the year? Perhaps. But when you consider the fact that all 60 of their high definition TVs will be tuned to the game, well then, it just makes sense. After all, the owners got to find some way to pay the electric bill. Sharkeez will also be raffling off flat screen TVs, Lakers tickets, and much more during the game. To learn more about the event, or reserve a table, call their promotions department at 310-265-3386.

3600 Highland Ave., 90266; 310-545-8811



Lucky Strike Lanes: Let's face it. The Super Bowl is either a really good game between two well-matched opponents, or it's a complete blow out. So why not have several bowling lanes at your disposable, just in case things get really ugly? Well rest assured that Lucky Strike at L.A. Live has all of that, plus several flat screen TVs to watch the game. This year's Super Bowl specials include domestic pitchers for $12, pitchers of imported brew for $16, as well as a gameday appetizer sampler that includes six mini cheeseburgers and two whole pounds of buffalo wings. That will run you $29. You can learn more about Lucky Strike Downtown's Super Bowl Sunday specials by visiting its website.

800 W. Olympic Blvd.; 213-542-4880


Baby Blues: Since consuming various meat products during the game is about as important as actually watching it, why not have Baby Blues in West Hollywood do all the work for you? It may be a restaurant in name, but this Southern-style barbeque joint has always had a soft spot for sports, which is why they have TV sets in close proximity to the dining area. So why not have someone else serve you generous amounts of baby back ribs and homemade cornbread, while you watch the 49ers faceoff with the Ravens? You deserve it! And while you're at it, try some of their homemade cherry Kool-Aid.

Dillon’s in Hollywood
Dillon's in Hollywood

7953 Santa Monica Blvd.; 323-656-1277


Dillon's Irish Pub: Located on the historic intersection of Hollywood and Vine, Dillon's Irish Pub has been a mainstay on the Hollywood sports bar scene for a few years now. And it's usually a great spot to come to on Super Bowl Sunday just for the atmosphere alone. Dillon's is one of those places that's always lively and fun – probably because all their pints are $3. That's right, we're talking everything from Harp and Blue Moon, to Fat Tire and Stella. And what's an Irish pub without Guinness? Yep, Dillon's has plenty of it on tap and ready to pour. And try their avocado fries in case you get hungry. You'll thank me for it.

6263 Hollywood Blvd., 90028; 323-315-9744


The Downtown Independent: If a sports bars isn't your scene, then check out the Downtown Independent Theater this Sunday to watch the Big Game on a big screen! The Downtown Independent has built up a reputation over the years for screening rare and never-before-seen films. But one night a year it lets its hair down for football, with craft beer on tap, and stadium style food ready to be eaten. So whether you're a 49ers fan, or have a soft-spot for those Ravens of Baltimore, everyone can come down to the Downtown Independent this Sunday and watch the game in harmony. You can RSVP your tickets by visiting

251 S. Main St., 90012; 213-617-1033