For over a decade now, Downtown has been in midst of a renaissance. What was once a part of L.A. that was virtually starved of a vibrant nightlife scene, has since blossomed into an exciting destination for some of the hottest new bars and restaurants. Dive bars, on the other hand, have always been a part of Downtown's allure. Because let's face it, when you're as old as the city itself, certain things just comes with the territory. Here are a few Downtown dives you won't to pass up.



Hank's Bar: If you're looking for an extra strong Jack and coke, served by a heavily tattooed bartender, than Hank's Bar is your place. Hank's is the kind of bar you pictured your Dad drinking at, with it's old time cash register, bartenders that can make even a Shirley Temple strong, and just about every bottle of liquor imaginable. Most well drinks will run you at about six bucks, and every patron gets a free bowl of popcorn. Butter, however, is not included. Hank's also has one of the best jukeboxes in Downtown, spanning everything from old school 80s hip-hop to Kenny Rogers. Yep – we're talking super eclectic!

840 S. Grand Ave., 90017; 213-623-7718



The Down and Out: Why the name, you ask? Well, one of the first things you'll see inside this place are mugshots of Hugh Grant, O.J. Simpson, and countless other down-and-out celebs. Get it? Now that that's cleared up, The Down and Out is located inside the historic Alexandria Hotel, and has the rare privilege of being one of the oldest bars in the city. That being said, the area has seen better days, meaning a security guard is going to frisk you before you enter. Once inside however, there's plenty to do, like pinball machines, a pool table, and a quaint little dance floor. Drinks are cheap too – expect to pay $5 for a rum and coke.

501 S Spring St., 90013; 213-489-7800


Back Door Pub at the Milner Hotel: There are dive bars and then there are dive bars. If you have difficultly distinguishing between the two, all you need to do is step inside the little pub hidden behind the Milner Hotel and you'll immediately see why it deserves italics. No drink is over seven bucks, there's never more than a few people inside, and the last time the floors were mopped was probably around the time when Nixon was in office. The Back Door Pub is everything that's great about dive bars, and given its close proximity to L.A. Live, you won't find a cheaper drink within a one-mile radius. Get it? Got it? Good. Now drink up!

The Milner Hotel, 813 S. Flower St, 90017; 213-627-6981