Two Steps from Hell First Ever Live Show
Two Steps from Hell First Ever Live Show
Concert Review: Two Steps From Hell at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Two Steps From Hell's epic orchestral scores was presented for
the first time Friday night at the Music Center's Walt's Disney
Concert Hall
as creators Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen performed
with the 70-piece Local LA Orchestra and a 60-person choir.

Phoenix and Begersen have together written music for hundreds of
motion picture advertising campaigns, movies TV shows and video games.

Live in concert, Two Steps From Hell's breakthrough style of music
shattered the mundane sounds of mainstream pop and love ballads,
ripping them to pieces and remixing them in the listener's residual

The music created by Two Steps From Hell was at times uplifting,
beautiful and  completely overwhelming, raising you to heaven --
complete with angelic visions -- only to suddenly dropkick you into
scenes of hell and war, marching through kingdoms, being brought
before a king, and being an onlooker at a beheading.

This was my first time inside the stainless-steel-wrapped Walt Disney
Concert Hall designed by L.A. architect Frank Gehry, and the room
itself could be best described the inside a giant musical-instrument
box. The surface of the oddly shaped room is made of Douglas fir a
wood similar to that used in musical instruments.

With a little imagination, the overall effect is similar to being
inside the stomach of a giant caterpillar. The center wall of the
stage came together with jagged wood pieces resembling a "Phantom of
the Opera" piano with pipes.

The hall is built to contain the sounds of musicians and audience in a
cozy, close proximity.

The intense range and depth of the music combined with the Disney Hall
design and light show created a four-dimensional effect of almost
being inside of a movie. It was a multi-sensory experience to say the
least -- a step further than a movie-studio simulation.

Nick Phoenix sang and played taiko drums, various percussion
instruments and the piano. Thomas Bergersen played electric violin,
guitar, piano and percussion. Along with the orchestra and chorus, the
duo elevated the spirit to the highest musical spheres.

Singers Merethe Soltvedt and Aya Peard both enchanted with their
voices. Conductor Petr Pololanik has collaborated with Two Steps From
Hell since 2006.

This 21st-century orchestral music is definitely worth checking out.
You can start with Two Steps From Hell's

If you watch movies, or are an avid gamer, in all likelihood you have
already heard many of these powerful compositions.