The Peter Frampton Guitar Circus came to town at the Greek theatre this Saturday. Instead of clowns and jugglers, it brought with it guitar-centric rock and blues players and slide guitars with the likes of  BB King, Sonny Landreth Dean DeLeo, Andy Summers . Much like the Rolling Stones Circus of the 60's, which was based on rock music and a circus setting, Frampton's supergroup was a mix of rock, blues and jazz in the open air.

Sonny Landreth, the Blues slide guitarist, opened the show with an impressive Delta-style blues.

The King of the Blues followed, opening his set soon after,opened with the thumping sounds of a mean bass from the swinging Chicago BB King Blues Band.

B.B.King at The Greek Theatre
B.B.King at The Greek Theatre (Paty Elias)

B.B. King came on the stage with his precious Gibson, "Lucille" and King introduced his band, played "I need you so," "You are my sunshine" and chatted up the crowd. He introduced Peter Frampton, together they played "The Thrill is gone" as King  played he interacted with the crowd and Frampton.

Yes -- we wanted to hear King speak-- Yes we wanted to hear the blues-- Yes we wanted King to play-- the crowd was itching for it. But King had something to say, it was sweet and sometimes heavy reminiscing of his youth along with playful banter with the audience. The thrill is never gone for B.B. King, who has been reigning as America's blues King for more than half a century.

Frampton seems to be headed into guitar god status as he played along side King. In his own set, Frampton played his classics, hits such as "Show me the way", "Baby I love Your way" and even broke out with a cover of Soundgarden's “Black Hole Sun”. He made uniquely his by playing the vocal line entirely on guitar before breaking through the final chorus with a talk box solo. Joining Frampton on stage to perform "Plush" were his son Julian Frampton and Dean DeLeo from the Stone Temple Pilots.

Frampton closed the set with of “Message in a bottle”, with Andy Summers (The Police) and a cover of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, with Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots) and Andy Summers (The Police).