Porscha Starr
Porscha Starr

It all happened so fast.

Model after model bumped down the Club Couture runway wearing designer Porscha Starr's new lingerie to the sounds of Chic's "Le Freak," as lasers and strobe lights pulsed around them.

The front row was packed with photographers capturing every curve on video and stills.

And then nearly a dozen lingerie-clad models surrounded designer Porscha Starr, herself young and petite with a dazzling smile.

Starr wore a Nike body suit with a sheer, mermaid-style wrap skirt with a long tail and gold shimmers as she held court at Club Couture, one of the few such venues in Hollywood with a runway stage and a full bar.

The show started on time but went fairly quickly. We barely saw a wisp of the lingerie. Everyone was asking if it was an intermission.

Of what we did see, the garments are sexy, young, playful -- even sweet. But not innocent.

The collection included a pink lacy bodice with snap-closed spaghetti straps in the front and ties in the back.

A blue bodice with a black bow could be worn in the bedroom, or as a revealing top.

Starr's royal blue two-piece bra and undie set barely covers what you'd think it covers. But that's the point, right?

A black strapless bra was paired with a short wrap-around skirt with cut-out slits and a blue-diamond design going down the front. The skirt featured a tan stripe with a black backside.

Overall, the Porscha Starr lingerie collection was sexy, sultry and playful while sporting some very futuristic pieces.

VIP guest inclued actress KD Aurbert, Giovianne Samuels Ruben Cannon UK Pop Singer Oya Thomas and other industry.

L.A. designer Porscha Starr started her line in April 2011, and custom items are available if you aren't satisified by what's on the rack.

Prices range from $300 to $600 per item, all of which are made to your measurements.


See -- and buy -- the entire line at porschastarr.com.

extra stuff:

Red teddy v cut lace bodice hot, hot and hotter...open back ties and unties in the back.

Porscha Starr's Lingerie is sexy sultry and playful romantic and some very futuristic pieces.

An overall stunning but short show...

LA designer Porscha Starr was founded April 2011 by CEO Porscha Woodard. Porscha Starr has expanded its business beyond the showroom to its online store porschastarr.com

End Runway Porscha Starr
End Runway Porscha Starr (Photo by:LaDonna J. Davis)