Los Lonely Boys' played songs from their new album "Revelation" at a CD release show Thursday at the Troubadour in Los Angeles to a very enthused and adoring fan base who already seemed to know all the words and sang along to the new tunes.

The Texican rock-and-rollers packed the house and blew up the stage with their funk and blues blend.

The band's music is rooted in family. Their career started when Ringo Sr., their father, left his band at the time and became a solo artist and recruited his three young sons to back him.

The show started with lead singer and guitarist Henry Garza, who suffered a bad fall from the stage in March 2013, and had to go through a lengthy recovery, saying how happy he was to be there, and thanking God for making that possible.

Los Lonely Boys seemed to really just jam, letting loose with a lot of improvisation, weaving in bits of songs by Stevie Ray Vaughn and quoting Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," during their set.

The highlight of the show was bassist-and-guitarist brothers Jojo (Garza) and Henry(Garza) strutting together and fingering each other's instruments. The show ended with crowd favorite "Heaven," and its highly recognizable guitar intro and heavy, soulful lyrics written from a perspective of spiritual seeking and probing the mysteries of existence itself.

It was an impressive show by Los Lonely Boys on the Troubadour 's small stage. Can't wait till they come back again.

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