What does it take to run the ASICS LA Marathon?

-30,00 Cliff Bars to refuel runners after the race
-1,000,000 cups are used to server 26,000 thirst runners
-50 lbs. of Petroleum Jelly
-52,000 pain relief tablets
-230 lbs. salt is needed to replenish the sodium depleted by more than 26,000 runners
.....and a whole lot of speed.

In advance of the ASICS LA Marathon on Sunday, ASICS is bringing the LA Marathon experience to life, showing Angelenos what it takes to compete via the ASICS LA Marathon Treadmill Challenge (pictured below). 

The ASICS LA Marathon Treadmill Challenge, a treadmill built on the back of a flatbed truck that only runs at one speed, the LA Marathon course record (4:50 mile pace).  The treadmill will travel around Southern California leading up to the marathon challenging Angelenos. For every minute logged on the treadmill, ASICS will donate $5 to Back on My Feet's Los Angeles Chapter (up to $26,200).  Back on My Feet is a national for-purpose organization that uses running to help those experiencing homelessness transform their own lives and achieve employment and independent living

Full schedule below for the remaining stops on the treadmill tour. 

*         3/4 - 3/6...3rd St. Promenade (1200 Block 1352 3rd St.)

*         3/7 - 3/8...Los Angeles Convention Center (West Hall Plaza, Figueroa and 12th)

*         3/9...Finish Village (Santa Monica Blvd & 2nd St.)