Jimmer Podrasky's story is a true Hollywood story, one that movies are made from.  Once the toast of the Los Angeles music scene with his band the Rave-Ups, he went from having his music featured in films and on television to living hand to mouth while raising his son as a single father.  Now 23 years after first making a name for himself as an artist and a songwriter to be reckoned with, he returns with an album that will reestablish that claim.
THE WOULD-BE PLANS is a labor of love created out of pain, coincidence and even necessity by all involved.  For quite some time, that looked unlikely that Jimmer (http://www.jimmermusic.com/) would ever return to making music, but the stars aligned in a way that forced his hand.  Executive produced by his old friend author Ed Sikov, who he's known since he was growing up back in Pittsburgh, and produced by his new friend Mitch Marine, Dwight Yoakum's drummer who put together the supporting cast, THE WOULD-BE PLANS is a masterful return to the roots-rock genre that Jimmer says didn't even have a name when the Rave-Ups were making records..  
Jimmer will appear at Lucy's 51 in Toluca Lake on Wednesday, March 19 to celebrate the release of the CD, the second of a series of appearances planned for that venue.