Ziggy Marley performed new songs off "Fly Rasta" for the first time in front of a very packed house at Club Nokia in Los Angeles Tuesday night to celebrate the album's release.

He did not just perform, he topped himself and seems to have reached a level of comfort and acceptance with having the large and looming figure of his father Bob Marley with him on stage.

It seems almost as if Marley Sr. was there in spirit, singing along.

Ziggy's music has reached a level likes his father's, that when you listen to it, you know everything's going to be all right.

His new lyrics seem to reflect this as well as a certain maturity and acceptance.

In an interview via, Twitter Marley says his creative process is, "Like meditation."

"I need to be around nature and have a lot of patience."

Marley said one of his new songs, "I Don't Wanna Live on Mars," is inspired by the condition the planet (Earth) is in. "I just feel like I'm not gonna give up my planet for Mars. I'm gonna stick by it and try and help make it better. I heard that people are signing up to go live on Mars though."

Song Set:

Love is my religion

Wild and Free

Conscious Party

I don't want to live on mars

I get up

Reggae in my head

I need a revolution


Get up Stand up for your rights

Moving Forward

Give it Away

Got to be true to myself

Tomorrows people

Holding up the fire

Looks who's dancing

Is this love

This is my home

One good thing about music

Fly Rasta