Haven't heard of The Trails? It's the serenely nestled, woodland snack bar located at the foot of Fern Dell -- the part of Griffith Park you enter from Western/Los Feliz Blvd -- and it's the ultimate spot to commune with pastries this summer.

Here are some wonderful things about the place: the staff are all cute, eastside, rocker hippies. There's a Lynchian, LogLady-like bathroom key, should nature call. Free Wi-Fi. The coffee drinks are foamy and pro, the baked goods are fresh and homemade, and for savory souls, there are 'snake dogs' (veggie or beef hot dogs wrapped-n-baked in flaky philo), and goat cheese tomato breads waiting for you.

Enjoy your goodies as you sit undisturbed on the shaded picnic tables, or settle into one of the rocking chairs near The Giving Tree type stumps.

Decent, unjarring music is magically piped through the shrubs (probably played by a tiny band of garden gnomes and wood nymphs, though I can't prove it) and the squirrels are attentive without being pushy.

Bring a newspaper and breathe deeply while you conquer the crossword in peace, contemplating a 5-letter word for 'verdant.'