The Edendale
The Edendale

Silver Lake has lots of great restaurants, diners and fast food joints open well into the morning hours. So if you ever find your way East of Hollywood late at night, you'll know you'll be in good hands. Here are some of the best late night spots to chow down in Silver Lake.



The Edendale: Not only is it located in a converted fire department from the 1920s, but it's name is also a reference to the area Silver Lake was once called, way back when silent film director Mack Sennett was making his Keystone Kop comedies there. So everything about this place, from the old school bar set-up, to the eerie black and white photos on the wall, will remind you of a different, almost simpler time. The menu at The Edendale, however, is anything but simple, and features a fusion of choices that draws on influences from all over the globe. Put it this way, how many restaurants do you know of where they serve both grilled cheese sandwiches and swordfish? Talk about eclectic. The Edendale is open until 2 a.m., seven days a week.

2838 Rowena Ave., 90039, 323-666-2000


Pho Café: You know you're in Silver Lake when one of the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in the area doesn't have a sign. After all, if there's one thing all hipsters despise, it's advertisement. Pho Café is a small and cozy little place on Sunset Boulevard, with limited parking and that only accepts cash. But for the Silver Lakers who live and work in the area, it's pretty much a staple of their day-to-day diet. It's open till midnight, seven days a week, and is known for its wide variety of rice noodle soups – a menu favorite. They come with beef, chicken, steak, tofu, or vegetarian. Order them with a side of their crispy egg rolls and you'll be good to go.


2841 W. Sunset Blvd., 90026; 213-413-0888


The Kitchen: Whether it's Sunday morning breakfast, or a late dinner on a Friday night, when it comes to homestyle comfort food The Kitchen is as good as it gets. For $8 any time of the day, you can order their gooey mac n' cheese, made with sharp cheddar and a really tasty garlic sauce. It can be a tad bit addictive, though. So consider yourself warned. The Kitchen is open until midnight every Monday through Saturday, and until 10 p.m. on Sundays.

Cliff’s Edge
Cliff's Edge

4348 Fountain Ave., 90029; 323-664-3663

Cliff's Edge: Everyone talks about how great the food at Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake is. Perhaps that's a given when your menu includes eggplant caviar, cornish hen, and basil risotto. But what really gets people coming back is the outdoor patio, which features an enormous tree right smack dab in the middle of it. It's branches twist and turn in so many ways that you can't help but look, stare, and wonder if it's real or not. It is (just in case you were wondering). Cliff's Edge is open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and is an excellent spot to go to for a romantic night out.

3626 W Sunset Blvd., 90026; 323-666-6116


Boo's Philly Cheesesteaks: There's a common misconception that Philadelphia is the only place in the entire country where you can get a really good cheesesteak sandwich. Well let me be the first to say that you just haven't looked hard enough people. Because the cheesesteak at Boo's in Silver Lake is right up there with anything you'll find in the City of Brotherly Love. So let's run through the logistics of what makes a cheesesteak authentic, shall we? Do they use thinly sliced cuts of steak? Check. What about the cheese? Yes, they use Cheez Whiz, just like in Philly. And the roll it comes on? Well if they didn't use an authentic Amoroso roll, then it wouldn't be good now, would it? Any other questions? Good. So why not head over to Boo's tonight. They're open until 11 p.m. on the weekends.

4501 Fountain Ave., 90029; 323-661-1955


Astro Family Restaurant: Whether it's a family of three, or a slightly buzzed bar-hopper looking for a late night snack, people love Astro Family Restaurant because the menu is so consistent. No matter if you order a cheeseburger, a ham and cheese omelet, or a bowl of split pea soup, you can guarantee it's going to look and taste how it's supposed to. And since it's open for 24-hours, you may never have to hit up another Wendy's drive-thru again (we could only be so lucky).

2300 Fletcher Dr., 90039; 323-663-9241


Tommy’s Original
Tommy's Original

Home Restaurant: Why the name? Well, the owners have gone to great lengths to create a quirky, yet inviting homestyle setting, with retro leather booths, an outdoor patio with exotic fishpond, even an old school tube TV from the days of Green Acres and Leave it to Beaver. Now that's dedication! Home is open until 2 a.m. on the weekends, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you should happen to be in the mood for pancakes, then don't miss out on the dessert/breakfast hybrid known only as the red velvet pancakes. Yes, they are the pancake version of red velvet cake, and yes, they are every bit as delicious as they sound.

2500 Riverside Dr., 90039; 323-665-0211


Tommy's: How can I write a guide about the best late night spots to eat in Silver Lake, and not mention the original Tommy's? Since 1946 this tiny little burger shack has been treating Silver Lake to some of the best chili-cheese burgers on the planet! The mega combo – a triple cheeseburger, chili cheese fries, and extra large drink – may be a bit extreme for the majority of the human population. So if you're a first timer, you're probably better off ordering the #1 combo meal, which is a double cheeseburger, fries and a large drink. Just make sure to add chili on the burger. No need to thank me now. The original Tommy's on Beverly and Rampart, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2575 Beverly Blvd., 90057; 213-389-1682


TG Express: There are two reasons TG Express is one of the most popular places in Silver Lake for late night Thai food. The first, and most obvious, is that they deliver everyday from 9 a.m. until 4 a.m. Then there's the fact that just about everything on the menu – from the pad Thai, to the pork short ribs – is outstanding. As an added bonus, every order over $10 gets a free Thai iced tea. Hmm, perhaps I've stumbled upon a third reason why people love TG Express so much? 

1906 W. 3rd St., 90057; 213-483-8033


Burrito King: Where can you get burritos the size of your head? Let's just say there's a reason the owners decided to call this place Burrito King. For about $8 you can get their specialty bean and cheese burrito, and a drink, and probably have enough left over for the following morning's breakfast. If you're not feeling like a burrito (how dare you!), then you're probably better off going with either the chicken tacos or chile relleno. There's not many option at Burrito King, which is part of its appeal. After all, who wants to look at a menu after 2 a.m.? Burrito King is open until 3 a.m. on the weekends.

2827 Hyperion Ave., 90027; 323-663-9378


Garage Pizza: Gourmet pizza until 4 a.m. – is there really anything more to write about? Well seeing that it's Garage Pizza, which offers a thin and crispy New York-style slice, with what could only be described as L.A. toppings, then yes. Yes there is! Because let's face it, only in L.A. would a pizza be topped with pesto, pine nuts, and basil, and somehow still be named after the Clint Eastwood movie, Gran Torino. Something tells me that ol' Clinty is more of a sausage and pepperoni guy himself. You can check out their menu, which has plenty of other interesting pies with recognizable names – like the Hawaiian Five-O and Tree Hugger – by visiting Garage Pizza's website.

4339 W. Sunset Blvd., 90029; 323-668-1190


Speranza: If you're in the mood for Italian food late at night, Speranza in Silver Lake is your best bet. It's open until midnight and features a convenient outdoor patio with plenty of heaters. Speranza specializes in pasta – spaghetti, rigatoni, mostaccioli – all of which is handmade and served fresh. As an added bonus, all their pasta dishes are served in enormous bowls, meaning you'll never have to leave feeling hungry. The squid ink past is a menu favorite, and looks exactly how it sounds. Be warned though. If you order it, you may leave the restaurant with black lips and teeth.

2547 Hyperion Ave., 90189; 323-644-1918


Heywood: Only in Silver Lake could you find a restaurant that serves gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches until 3 a.m. The name comes from the 16th century writer, John Heywood, whose fondness for cheese inspired countless poems throughout his career. Heywood (the restaurant) prides itself in using the most exotic cheeses on the planet, including Switzerland’s appenzeller, English cheddar, and point reyes blue, which is made right here in California. The sandwiches range from the classic grilled cheese, to something called Bill Clinton’s Epiphany, which is at least partly inspired by the 42nd President’s recent shift to a mostly vegan diet. All sandwiches also come with tomato soup for dipping, and a salad. For a list of all the sandwiches on Heywood’s menu, visit their website at

3337 ½ W. Sunset Blvd., 90026; 323-667-1522