One thing I can confidently say I have excelled at in life is eating. I am a good eater. I love food. Ask anyone who knows me, I can eat. None of these dainty portions and half a salad like many LA gals, no way! Because I love to eat and I don't want to spend hours working out, though I do enjoy walking my pups, I have to make sure that what I eat is healthy (relatively) and delicious (most importantly.) I do enjoy cooking but most of the time life is just too busy to make that happen.

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I have therefore made it my mission to try as many restaurants in LA as possible. This is the thing about LA, there are some seriously fantastic restaurants. People used to say NYC had such better food but now I think we rival, possibly even beat, NYC. The best part is that many of these restaurants won't break your bank. One that's been my all time favorite fast food restaurant I discovered 15 years ago in LA is Poquito Mas. I might mention, I have to be careful about where I eat because I am a pescetarian.
At Poquito Mas you can get a delicious ahi burrito or taco for around 7 dollars that isn't cooked on the same grill with other meat and you can get a bean and cheese burrito for about 4 bucks. Their food is always super fresh and they have multiple locations. The other thing I love about them is their super friendly service, Michael and Jackie at the Sunset location are pure gems.

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On the far other end of the spectrum is The Bazaar at the SLS hotel. Recently I was there in the bar area with a girlfriend and we met a group of cheerful Australian gentlemen who all said that they felt like they were in an episode of entourage by being there. I love the food at The Bazaar, especially the jicama wraps. Yummy! It will definitely put a dent in your pocketbook but well worth it for that special occasion.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Artisan
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In between those two price wise is Playa on Beverly who's piquillo peppers are delicioso! The chef grows much of what he serves in an elaborate setup of aeronautic technology towers on the rooftop of the restaurant. The results are the freshest of the fresh ingredients plus a very cool looking rooftop.

Another favorite of mine is Cooks County also on Beverly which serves farmers market driven rustic Cali cuisine in a warm intimate setting. Owners Claudio and Adria Blotta are delightful and I am addicted to their spelt pretzels, radishes and sunchokes!

I also am madly in love with cheese and one of the great places is the Artisan Cheese Gallery on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. Though I could go on and on I am not a food blogger so the main reason for this article is just to let you know that LA has some amazing places to eat and you should definitely explore. My favorite food blogger who loves food almost as much as I do, and just gave a great review to the above mentioned cheese shop, is Howard Meyers. His unbiased and fun-to-read, detailed reviews with pictures can be found at

So remember, when you are too tired or hurried to fix yourself some food, LA is a mecca of fantastic restaurants and I haven't even touched on the food trucks. Like I said so many places to eat, so little time.

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