(Photo credit : Williams & Hirakawa. )

An older and wiser Morissette seems to be content at last. Gone is the angry young women whose 1995 album "Jagged Little Pill" sold 33 million copies.

Morissettes new album is a study in contrast to "Jagged Little Pill",which was born out of anger and rage.

Her transformation is evident in her songwriting approach to "Havoc and Bright Lights", which explores such themes as as relationships, surviving fame and the re-emergence of the divine feminine, Morissette now seems to strive for peace of mind, self-love and opening of (her) heart.

Q: Tell us about the motivation behind your new album?

Morissette: "I think it speaks to how much braver I am to delve into a deeper intimacy in my relationships -the one with my son, with my husband, even to the point where I'd be ready to get married".

"Intimacy was always terrifying for me - intimacy with spirit, other people, friends, even professional colleagues, although I don't really write about that directly. So yes, it's a relationship record even more so than ever before."

"I think anger and joy are two of the biggest life forces that can move mountains and worlds, so I just have to be careful with it. But I use songs like "You Ought to Know" to channel rage that I might have. If I'm going through something particularly challenging I look forward to singing those songs at night because I can move that energy."

Q: Has becoming a parent opened up new facets of creativity for you?

Morissette: "I think if it's opened up anything, it's opened an appropriate maternal tendency. Instead of trying to rescue or dysfunctionally care-take ex-boyfriends, I feel like now this maternal, biological imperative is being channeled into an appropriate little human being, so that's great. I have less energy now to do it inappropriately with other people, whether it's with employees, or with friends. In a way it renders all my other relationships really clear and formally makes them functional, so that's nice."

"In terms of how being a mama has affected my art, I think the song "Guardian," the chorus is just singing my great passion for protecting, period."

"So that mama-bear fierce thing definitely has come out in that chorus and in general. I also just care more. I feel like my heart has opened more and more, both because of, well, more than both actually, there's my marriage that has opened my heart a lot, and then being a mom has definitely cracked open my heart, and then doing all this inner work and ascension work and reading-- I just read non stop. I'm just doing a lot of inner work around wanting to soften this really hardened heart that I had. But somewhere in there was a little soft heart, so it's coming out more and more."

Q: You spoke in colors, do you also paint?

Morissette: "I do paint, but I paint pretty horribly. But that doesn't mean I don't do it. I've never had that talent."