Despite the name, Detroit Rebellion is actually a Providence, RI based duo composed of Jeff Toste (guitar/vocals) and Michael Lamantia Jr. (drums), aka Mikey Lams. Bringing the less is more approach to the combination of blues, folk, and "other" styles (leaning toward the "other"), Detroit Rebellion has been quickly capturing attention as a band to be reckoned with.

Toste has roots in the New England scene for over 15 years, most notably with his indie band, Laurels. Mikey Lams is a friend of both the RI (Makeupbreakup) and NYC (Rockethouse/Aerial love feed).

In 2009, Toste began performing solo as Detroit Rebeillion, which he referred to as "a tribute to old school blues, folk and Americana." Since Mikey Lams joined on drums, Toste found Detroit Rebellion "mutating into something else." The result of that "something else" is the sophomore release EP Fork in the Road.