Dimond Saints are set to release tracks from The Rising, the first installment of their three chapter debut album, Shingetsu (new moon in Japanese), as a free daily download on their Soundcloud page the week of February 10-February 14. Shingetsu is a futuristic interpretation of bass music with a refined core of organic emotion.

Bay Area sub-specialists An-Ten-Nae and Releece have joined forces to create a new sultra-sonic endeavor called Dimond Saints By harnessing the Future-Beats sound and combining it with their in-depth knowledge of the live environment, these masters of their craft push outward to tantalize their fans with a new, unique identity. 


An-Ten-Nae has prevailed as one of San Francisco's for-runners in the world of live, electronic performance. His signature Acid-Crunk sound has taken him on an endless journey to some of the most high-profile events on the circuit. By holding back nothing, he consistently redefines what it means to be a modern day bass producer.


By combining his talents with those of Oakland based beat-fein Releece, the Dimond Saints represent a musical journey defined by space-walk synths and festival ready bass-lines. Shingetsu is a futuristic interpretation of bass music with a refined core of organic emotion. This first installment called Shure is part one of a three part release, which will represent the first chapter of the new album.


Listen to the lead single "We Diamonds": https://soundcloud.com/dimondsaints/dimond-saints-we-diamonds-1

They recently made it up to #3 on Hype Machine with their remix of Lorde's "Everybody Wants to Rule The World": https://soundcloud.com/dimondsaints/lorde-everybody-wants-to-rule

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