Beer, beer, the gang's all here! Hey, that's not how it goes. Either way, all beer drinkers can agree that when it comes to tipping a few back, nothing says delicious quite like a quality craft beer. And by that I mean any beer not made by Budweiser, Miller, or just about anything that comes in packs of thirty at your local Ralphs. Sorry Coors! This Saturday quality beer drinkers all across the Southland will have a chance to unite when Beerathon makes it's Los Angeles debut! Already a huge hit in New York, the idea behind Beerathon is fairly straightforward. For 55 bucks you get to crawl through 26 different bars, movie theaters, and other weird locations, to try 26 delicious brews. Sound simple enough? Each stop also has a band or DJ for your entertainment enjoyment, as well as plenty of fun-loving folks just looking to have a good time. A portion of all the proceeds from the Los Angeles Beerathon will go to select non-profit and charitable organizations. Finishing is optional but it's best to start training with something lighter to get a heads up on the competition. Even if it is Coors.


Just The Facts

What:  Los Angeles Beerathon

Where:  All throughout Downtown Los Angeles, locations to be determined

When:  Saturday, March 31st


Tickets:  $55 and can be purchased here

Contact:  For more information visit