Potato Chips Sandwich Shop
(Photos by Diana Salier)

Sammiches, get your sammiches here!  At Potato Chips, that is -- the new sandwich shop that boasts minimal decor and a menu that makes up in taste what it lacks in breadth (get it?).  

This past Monday, Potato Chips owner Steven Arroyo opened the place up to hungry folks looking for grub on their lunch break, and the occasional curious sidewalk straggler who might notice the "Potato Chips Is Open!" sign taped to a tree outside.


As of now, the 5 sandwich choices include Italian, Rosemary Ham, Turkey, Prosciutto, and Tuna, all for $8-9 each. Sadly enough, potato chips are not included with your meal, but will only knock you out about a buck -- on the bright side, there's a good selection of chips, as well as wine, beer, soft drinks, Orangina and Italian lemonade. $12 will get you a sandwich, drink and bag of chips ... and before you balk at the thought of dropping so much cash just for lunch, let's talk about the sandwiches.

We ordered the turkey sub, which included oven roasted turkey, Harvarti cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar and herb aioli, all served on a huge scali roll straight from a bakery in the Valley.  Now let's get one thing straight:  these sandwiches are serious, delicious business. The ratio of cold cuts to spread to veggies was just right, and the herb aioli/vinegar mixture was the perfect punch for what could've been just a random old turkey sandwich. Unless you're Michael Phelps or something, eat both halves of the sandwich with chips and you'll be good to go until at least dinnertime.  

Potato Chips Sandwich Shop

There was plenty of space to sit, and it only took a few short minutes to get our meal -- but it can't be very long before this place isn't a secret anymore. So far they're only open for lunch,  but it's more than worth making the trip even if you don't live near West Hollywood.  And your friends will think you're the King of Sandwiches, or something, if they hear it from you first.

Potato Chips

7613 Beverly Blvd. 

Los Angeles, CA 90036