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The Miss Malibu finalists

"Let's hope we don't have another YouTube answer to one of those interview questions!" giggled Miss California Tami Farrell as she began the festivities surrounding the crowning of the new Miss Malibu and Miss Teen Malibu on Sunday afternoon. The beauty queen who won her crown after the first Miss California 2009, Carrie Prejean, dissed homosexual marriage at the Miss USA pageant and created a firestorm of controversy, got her wish, as the contestants made sure to be on their best politically correct behavior during the pageant, which was held at Cher's old estate in Malibu's Point Dume neighborhood.


Farrell, who took her Miss Malibu 2009 crown to the top, hosted along with KTLA entertainment reporter Ross King, the KTLA; Miss Teen Malibu 2009, Greer Grammer (yep, she's Kelsey's daughter) did the honors for the teen portion of the competitions.


Pretty girls ranging from 14 to 26 competed, some super skinny, others sporting a bit of muscle definition, some with definite breast implants, and a few downright chubby; but by the end, the two winners were slim beauties. Bianca Peters took the Miss Malibu crown, while Farah Griffin, whose grandpa happens to have been Merv Griffin, is the new Miss Teen Malibu.



The gals were judged by an array of celebrities who stayed sequestered in cabanas that looked out over the catwalk strung swimming pool, where the audience watched with bated breath to see if one of the contestants hit the drink. None did, as they paraded past Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Khloe Kardashian, Elizabeth Rohm, Shaun Toub, Linda Thompson, and others, who chomped on pizza and seemed a bit distracted.


In fact, Khloe Kardashian ducked out early, as did Ryan Cabrera and singer An-Ya, who had each performed earlier in the afternoon. Seems Kardashian doesn't take judging a beauty pageant all that seriously; after all, she and her "celebutante" (seriously, the Miss Malibu official program called her that) sisters didn't need to go that route to become famous.