Look at you. Whiling away the hours in front of that computer screen. Waiting for the sweet and all-too short relief of the weekend to swoop into your life and save you from the monotonous drone of Monday through Friday. Usually it's only two days of blissful respite we have to look forward. But every once in a while, an opportunity presents itself for a genuine break: the coveted long weekend.

In a city like Los Angeles where there is usually too much to do and too little time to do it in, Angelenos can mash in as much or as little excitement in this three-day vacay as they like. Weary working stiffs, record-breaking unemployed people and all the bartender/actors living in the space in between, welcome to your Labor Day Weekend Guide.

LA County Fair - Sept. 5 - Oct. 4

Nothing like a day at the fair to spice up an otherwise uneventful weekend. Starting on the Friday before Labor Day the LA County Fair brings cotton candy, ferris wheels and animal feces to the big city for a fun-filled month of deep fried foods and old fashioned fun. Admission to the fair during Labor Day Weekend is only a $1 from 10am to 1pm.

Long Beach Blues Festival - Sept. 5 & 6

This two-day extravaganza of blues by the beach side features non-stop music and all the deep fried and gravy smothered delicious delights you can fit in your tummy. Kids under 12 are free to attend the event making it an economical choice for the long weekend.

Bobby's Big Backyard at Descanso Gardens - Sept. 7
Spend a day perusing classic model A cars and enjoy an outdoor picnic with live music in the idyllic setting of Descanso Gardens in La Canada this Labor Day. With a vast lawn nestled in something that looks like it's straight out of the mythical Sherwood Forest, the sunny Monday off from work will feel like a getaway far from the city.

Standard Downtown Rooftop Record Release Party - Sept. 6

Los Angeles has seen ridiculous, hot weather this past week and the forecast calls for more of the same into the Labor Day weekend. Your best bet besides hanging out by a pool of your own is heading down to the The Standard and catching a few rays along with the super refreshing breeze and vibe at the rooftop pool. There also just so happens to be a Culprit Records release party going down, featuring sets from Magda and Troy Pierce from M_NUS, so try to play it cool when you see someone famous.

FYF Fest - Sept. 5
FYF Fest, formerly featuring the awesome "F" word, goes down this weekend with amazing up and coming bands and a cause very close to any outdoorsy lovers heart. The festival, currently in its 6th year, takes part of its proceeds from bands rocking in the name of Mother Nature and donates them to the betterment, upkeep and maintenance of California state parks. Eff yeah.

LA Birthday Celebration - Sept. 5
The City of Los Angeles will hold a free celebration in honor of its 228th birthday this Friday. There will be a nine mile walk downtown starting at Mission San Gabriel and ending at El Pueblo Historical Monument with a fiesta worthy of the lovely city of Angels. Birthday cake will be served along with a bevy of street vendor foods and all the flavor downtown LA has to offer.

John Williams and the Music of the Movies @ Hollywood Bowl - Sept. 5

What would "Star Wars" be without the swelling, emotional score  that plays throughout the sprawling space drama? NOTHING, that's what! John Williams has created some of the most memorable and important music of this century for epic classics such as "Superman," "Jurassic Park" and "Home Alone." For just a few nights this summer he brings his unmistakable brand of genius to the open air stage that is our Hollywood Bowl.

The Labor Party @ The Avalon - Sept. 6

It might just be us, but when we think of Labor Day weekend we think of hot nights, oiled up, male go-go dancers and electronic music bumping till the sun comes up. All that and more can be found at The Avalon's Labor Party this weekend. And hold on to your leather page boy hats because if that wasn't enough there will also be a laser light show on the premises. Labor Day just got that much more fierce.

Vans Warped Tour - Sept. 6

Vans Warped Tour hits its 15th anniversary this year, making it old enough to really party hard but still not old enough to drive unsupervised. Ah, teenagers. Hard rock and punk bands in the dozens play this annual festival filled with young folks all wanting to feel the noise.