What the world needs now, is bikes, sweet bikes! Hey, that's not how the song goes! Well if you're a bike-rider it does. And since spring is almost here, why not cycle your way over to Book Soup next Wednesday where author Steven Rea will discuss his new book, Hollywood Rides A Bike: Cycling with the Stars. Turns out movie stars love their bikes… a lot. And as Rea's photo-heavy book will attest, ever since the early days of the film business stars have had an undying love affair with their two-wheeled modes of transportation. Hollywood Rides A Bike shows one hundred rare and vintage photographs of classic stars, from Shirley Temple to Clark Gable, bicycling their way through Tinsel Town. You'll also get to see some really unique classic models that put all modern bikes to shame. And you thought rollerblades were the trendy way to get around? Shame on you! For more information on this event visit www.booksoup.com/author-events.asp.


Just the Facts

What:  Steven Rea discusses Hollywood Rides A Bike: Cycling with the Stars

When:  Wednesday, February 22nd at 7pm

Where:  Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood

Tickets: The event is free but the book will cost you $20


Contact:  For more information, and to purchase the book, please visit www.booksoup.com/author-events.asp