L.A. has some of the best nightclubs in the country. And it's not too uncommon to see movie stars, athletes – even high-profile foreign dignitaries popping in and out of them (at least if you watch TMZ). After all, even the rich and famous need to let lose amongst the general public every once in awhile. But if you're an average Joe, however, it may be a challenge to get in to one of these trendy hotspots. For those willing to throw caution to the wind and give it a try, however, here are a few you'll want to check out… at least for the time being.



Supperclub: Since opening in 2010, Supperclub has become a favorite hangout of artists, singers and other music industry pros. Just in the last year alone Chris Brown, Rihanna, DJ Deadmau5, and of the Black Eyed Peas have all been spotted there. Dinner is usually served around 8 p.m., and includes a four course meal that is kept under wraps until moments before it's served. Then once guests have finished eating – usually by 10 p.m. – the space turns into an all out dance party with some of the strangest live entertainment you'll see at a club. We're talking belly dancers and contortionists mixing it up with the crowd, along with graceful acrobats twirling down from the ceiling.


And all this is happening as a rotating roster of international DJs bump out some of the hottest beats on the planet. Supperclub is one of those places that you can't really describe until you've been there. To make a reservation, visit the website.

6675 Hollywood Blvd., 90028; 323-466-1900


MyStudio: It's one of the more exclusive clubs in town, meaning if you're not on the list, you're going to have to wait for what seems like an excessively long time. MyStudio's design is inspired by 60s era photographers. Vintage photographs line the walls, and the interior includes easels, black leather sofas, and bookshelves – even a baby grand piano. Actors, models and just your run of the mill beautiful person can be seen flocking into MyStudio on any given night of the week, which is just another reason why the lines outside are usually very long (even if barely anyone is inside). That being said, you're best bet is to know someone who knows someone that can get in without any problems.

Avalon Hollywood
Avalon Hollywood
Either that or being really attractive works just as well.

6623 Hollywood Blvd., 90028; 323-525-2454


Vanguard: If you're the type of person that likes to dance, than you'll want to check out the Vanguard on Hollywood Boulevard. The newly remodeled club has been on the scene for close to a decade now, and is kind of like a giant warehouse with flashing lights, loud techno music, and up to 2,000 dancing partygoers dancing elbow-to-elbow. If you're a longtime clubber, or just starting out, Vanguard offers the most traditional nightclub experience in L.A. Cover is $20 for dudes. Ladies get in for free.

6021 Hollywood Blvd., 90028; 323-463-3331


Avalon Hollywood/Bardot: Whether you desire a traditional dance club, or a lounge-y type atmosphere with top-notch bottle service, you'll get the best of both worlds at Avalon Hollywood. First and foremost it's a dance venue, with a sprawling main room featuring an enormous dance floor, DJ booth, and VIP lounge. For more of a low-key vibe, without leaving the club, there's Bardot upstairs – a 20s-inspired cocktail lounge featuring a cozy outdoor terrace, live music, and bar. Both clubs are technically separate from one another. But what few people know is that at 2 a.m. on the weekends, Bardot and Avalon open their doors to merge into a single double-decker super club that closes at 4 a.m. Just try not to let this little secret get out.

1735 N. Vine St., 90028; 323-462-8900


Hyde Lounge: Most people that come to Hyde Lounge love it because of its small layout. That being said, many people refuse to come here for that very same reason. The good thing is that most of these folks tend to be out-of-towners, which is probably why Hyde is a favorite among locals. Besides, let the tourists have their Saddle Ranch on Sunset. Is Hyde small? Yes. Is it dark? Double yes. But if all you're after is an intimate night out with friends in Hollywood, with maybe even some dancing thrown in for good measure, then there's just no beating it. Just be sure to spot the tent-like structure practically hidden from view on Sunset Boulevard. Remember, it's called Hyde for a reason.

8029 W. Sunset Blvd., 90046; 323-525-2444


The Conga Room: Located inside L.A. Live, The Conga Room is a fun place to go to if you enjoy salsa dancing. Co-owned by Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Smits and comedian Paul Rodriguez, it's also been called the “House of Blues for Latin Music,” with a colorful interior that pays homage to places like Mexico City and Barcelona. Even if you've never tried salsa dancing, you can stop in at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night for a free lesson. Now, does any other nightclub offer a similar amenity for its patrons? Quick answer – no! 

800 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite A160 & A260, 90015; 213-745-0162


Exchange LA: Located in Downtown's Historic Core, Exchange LA is everything you'd expect from a dance club and more. First off, the place is enormous, and can hold close to 2,000 people. Then there's the state of the art sound system, which is always bumping some type of electronic dance music. Factor in six full service bars, a fog and confetti machine, and several dozen people twirling around glow sticks to the laser light show overhead, and you've got yourself one club that's pretty much in a category of its own. Aside from its colossal dance floor, Exchange also has three additional stories, including a Sky Loft, which can accommodate up to 35 guests, as well as a lounge-type area for those that want to watch from the balcony. The club is also a favorite filming location for some of Hollywood's best and brightest directors. Remember the club scene in 2010's The Social Network? Yep, that was Exchange. David Fincher is a fan, turns out. Who knew?

618 S. Spring St., 90014; 213-627-8070