With the many exigencies of today's world and life's faster pace, our spirit and imagination demand an outlet for play, creativity and a need for daydream. A dose of Cirque du Soleil may be the answer. "IRIS - a Journey Through the World of Cinema," bursts from the stage with an explosion of lights and shadows, bringing the film world to life on stage with amazing aerialists, musicians, clowns, dancers, a gang of talented acrobats and a ragtag comedic cast of funny characters.

In one of the shows many story-lines, a melancholy composer named Buster falls head over heels for Scarlett, a beautiful young actress.

The movie-themed show is a thrilling tribute to cinema and stunt actors. The "Iris" troupe consists of 72 performers, including Olympic athletes.

For the first time in Cirque history, famed composer Danny Elfman scored the show. Elfman is no stranger to theatricality or cinema-- he founded '80s Rock group, Oingo Boingo.

His association with Tim Burton has produced scores for 13 films, including "Batman", "Beetle Juice", "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", "Edward ScissorHands", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" and "Alice in Wonderland". He has worked on over 60 other films as varied as "Spider -Man", "Mission Impossible" and "Chicago".

Escape into your imagination at the Hollywood and Highland center, Circ Du Soliel.IRIS is a large scale production - created exclusively the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles -

Long live Iris!

MORE INFO:cirquedusoleil.com/IRIS